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Signing Babies and Signing Toddlers Classes inSaint Albans, Harpenden and Redbourn Village Hall, Hertfordshire

Terri Simpson


I am a mum to three boys aged 8, 7 and 3. My signing journey began with my youngest son Benji who is now 3. I first attended baby signing classes both as a mother & baby bonding activity and because I was curious to see the benefits of signing as a means of communication for my baby Benji. Not only did Becky’s classes provide me with cherished memories, but it provided Benji with communication skills that are with him now and has influenced the confident happy little boy that he is.


I have fallen in love with the concept of teaching signing to all babies and toddlers, and I am excited to be continuing my signing journey at a professional level. I am currently studying and working through my BSL levels, and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning signing as a language. I am relishing the opportunity to engage with other families and make their signing journeys as happy and rewarding as my own.

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