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Bourn to be WI'ld - Redbourn

We are a friendly branch of the Women's Institute in Redbourn, Hertfordshire

The WI (National Federation of Women's Institutes)
We want to hear from you! Share your views on the delivery of our strategic vision.
We aim to be an organisation of choice for all women, building on our past successes and the strength of our current membership and influence to ensure a sustainable and strong future for the WI.
We continually review how we are performing and appreciate feedback from WI members to support the NFWI Board of Trustees and staff team in monitoring and delivering on our strategic objectives.
This is your organisation and we want to hear your views and your experience of the WI so we can continually improve and develop what we offer.
If you’d like to share your views, please complete the feedback form on our website which includes an overview of our vision statements:

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