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Redbourn Slimming World
Redbourn Slimming World - 

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Monday 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Come and join our Redbourn Slimming Family and change your life forever! 

Find fun, friendship and a healthier, happier you!

Group meetings every week of the year and everyone is welcome so just come along on the night.

Contact: Nancy 
Phone: 07855 357261


Tai Chi & Qigong Class

Monday afternoon 2pm to 3pm


A weekly class with Sally from Kingshill Tai Chi.

Qigong is a general name for a variety of Chinese health exercises,  some static, some moving, some seated, some using sticks or other simple pieces of equipment aimed at improving breathing and posture. 

Tai Chi training produces many benefits which carry over into everyday life. It has been shown to be very good at improving balance but it also helps to develop better posture which can help to protect your back and help to carry out everyday tasks more easily and more safely.

As with Qigong, improved posture and breathing help you to relax and reduce stress. 

Please contact Sally directly for availability and cost of classes.


Contact: Sally

Phone: 07954 433893 or 01727 837697


Extend - Movement to Music

Tuesday 10am to 12 Noon


A gentle and fun exerciser class for those aged 60 and over.

Experience the magic of movement to music in a friendly and supportive group.


Contact: Jean Spivey

Phone: Mobile 07798 866042

Mixed Ability Yoga Class with 

Barbara Grosvenor from Yoga Pathway 

On Friday mornings from 9.30 to 11am  


Yoga Pathway classes include a balanced group of physical exercises that stretch and flex the body allowing the muscles to let go of built up tension, using the breath to focus the mind.  In addition each class includes a period of deep relaxation.  A combination of these three - exercise, breath and relaxation - over time will enhance flexibility, increase strength and stamina, improve concentration and help to calm the mind.  It is not a quick fix; rather a gradual process that brings many rewards and helps you move towards self-development.


The cost is £8.00 per session (with concessions for the over 70's or booking a term together)


Contact: Barbara Grosvenor

Phone: 07746 535967