Sarah Hudgell Fitness in Redbourn Village Hall
Hudgell Fitness in Redbourn Village Hall
Sarah Hudgell Fitness

Hudgellates - HIIT 

This class incorporates all you need for a total body workout. After a warm up we move on to a 20-25 minute HIIT* (High Intensity Interval Training) session, then slow things down to concentrate on Pilates exercises to strengthen the core before stretching off.

Classes are payable half termly at a cost of £10 per class.

Wednesdays 9.15-10.15am 

Contact: Sarah Hudgell

Website: www.hudgellfitness.co.uk

Fatburn Extreme
Friday 6.30am -7am
Warm up, then 20 minute maximum intensity, rest based workout, using only bodyweight exercises to emulsify fat and tone muscles

£7 pay as you go

Contact: Sarah
Email: Sarah.insanitylive@gmail.com
Phone: 07887928153

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